Internal project


Magic8 Studio
My role
UX/UI/Concept as part of Magic Studio

Reinventing the wheel

Slash is a complete concept for a mobile device where hardware and software are seamlessly designed

Slash is an innovative UX and UI phone concept I have been working on as part of the Magic 8 Studio team.
When I first “met” Slash, it was more of a graphic design concept on a sketchy level. My task was to give it a solid and consistent interaction design structure, which of course meant that some graphic assets needed to adjust to it.

Below are some of the flows I designed for Slash.

After the UX part, I have been in charge of completing the UI by tweaking, modifying and creating visuals – ranging from icons to assets – integrated to the existing ones.

Here is how Slash user interface looked before my contribution to it…

…And after

The product part was also part of the broader concept while designing the digital experience. Some concept sketches and a blueprint of the device and component was made.